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Join a mastermind community for seekers, couples, and singles to deepen or attract true love relationships.

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Love Club members are ambitious, open-minded and spiritually focused individuals, committed to studying and experiencing big love this lifetime.

Whether in a relationship or currently single, all share a passion for personal growth and a commitment to love.

You don't have to do love alone.

Playing the big love game can feel lonely, especially when you don’t have perfect role models or formal training.

You don’t have to navigate these challenges alone. AI and Googling have their limits when it comes to matters of the heart. While experts like Esther Perel, Jillian Turecki, and Jimmy on Relationships offer valuable insights on Instagram, true love comes from forming genuine connections and sharing experiences—and deepening relationships with people who become bonded allies for your love life.

And that’s exactly what The Love Club is all about: studying and experiencing love with a supportive group that advocates for all your relationship goals and dreams to come true.

Joining gives you immediate access to a network that understands the big love game you're playing. Members consistently describe it as "life-changing" because the epiphanies, the release of limiting beliefs, and the perceptual shifts they experience truly transform their lives.

Your love story is your life story.
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Join a passionate community committed to healthy relationships.

Receive expert guidance with masterminds and coaching to achieve your relationship goals.

Develop advanced interpersonal skills to become an ideal life partner and get the love you want.

Attend multi-day immersions and events to deepen your connections and guarantee a good time.

Perfect for individuals and couples looking to expand their social circle and keep the spark alive.


WeDeepen has been a huge support system for me. It is where I met so many of my close friends: women who became my sisters, men who became my safety, and the love of my life.

— Ilanit M.

Meet Leader of The Love Club
Christina Weber

Christina Weber is the founder and CEO of WeDeepen, a network dedicated to curating top social and transformative experiences to inspire more loving relationships worldwide.

Christina is an ICF-Accredited Coach, intuitive matchmaker, and live-event experience designer. She's the host of the "Deepen with Christina" podcast, featuring renowned guests like John Gray (Men Mars Women Venus), Gay & Katie Hendricks, and Dave Asprey.

With over a decade of experience, Christina has supported hundreds of romantic relationships through mentorship, in-person events, and private introductions. Her expertise includes Human Design, Gene Keys, Erotic Blueprints, Love Languages, and Attachment Theory. She resides in Austin, TX, and is in love with a total stud (his words!). Read her whole story...

Team & Teachers

Christina Weber

WeDeepen Founder and Leader of The Love Club, ICF-Accredited Coach with 10 Years of Experience in Dating & Relationships

Kayce Neill

Strategic Advisor and Executive Profiler: Expert in High-Stakes Relational Dynamics and Personal Development

Dr. Jet Eveleth

Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Clown, and Improv Teacher Merging Performance Art with Taoist Healing Practices

Yossef Sagi

ICF-Accredited Master Coach and Spiritual Leader with 20 Years' Experience in Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Kink Education

Alorah Inanna

Intimacy Innovator and Visionary Teacher with 40+ Years Transforming Relationships and Empowering Couples

Benji Rabhan

Tech Visionary and Serial Entrepreneur Revolutionizing Human Potential through Aboutly Neural Mapping


Christina, I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to someone truly remarkable. Our connection was immediate and profound, and within just a week of meeting, our relationship flourished in ways that felt nothing short of miraculous. Despite the brief time, it feels as though we have already lived a lifetime together. Your extraordinary intuition in matchmaking is unparalleled, and I am overwhelmed with joy and profound gratitude for the serendipity you have brought into my life. I wholeheartedly recommend you without hesitation.

— Sam BM, Reverbia 2023

"After my first few weeks of working with Christina, I started seeing a change in myself and the energy I was attracting. In just three months, I went on more dates than I had in a whole year, not due to increased effort, but because Christina helped me shift my mindset. She encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and introduced me to valuable connections along the way. I'm so grateful for the knowledge I've gained that I can't help but share it with my friends!"

- Aurora P.

"Recently, my partner and I hit a bump in our relationship and we sought Christina's guidance and support. Despite initial fears, I found a circle of love and openness where no topic was off the table. Christina kept us on track towards our goals and provided valuable exercises and relationship homework. She's a perfect mix of a supportive coach, listener, and educator. I treasure my deeper bond with her and highly recommend her services."

- Christopher L.

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